Jeff and Son’s Handyman Service was started by accident. One of Jeff’s friends was in need of some assistance, and at the time Jeff as planning on staying home to rear his son. Well, a pick up truck, a van, and thousands of dollars spent on tools, Jeff and Son’s Handyman Service is now a private referral only handyman service that helps select home owners keep there homes in great shape. We offer a wide range of handyman services. If you know someone who uses us, have them ask if the waiting list is open.

People ask what all we do. The short answer is solve problems. Think of us as a maintenance service mostly. We don’t build decks or remodel homes. But if you have a faucet that is not functioning correctly or you need a new outlet or ceiling fan put in we just might be the right person for the job. We bill mostly time and materials and we are in and out in only a couple of hours. Because we only work for clients we know, we send out invoices after you have had a chance to inspect and utilize our work. We have pride in what we do and we don’t just give a ‘tail light’ warranty.